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I have created online paint training workshops just for you!  I teach furniture painting workshops in my local store and can only teach a few people in each workshop.  We all have busy schedules and I find most people can’t free up their schedule to attend a workshop with a set time and date.  That is why I created these workshops, so you can learn to paint in your own home, at your own time.

I have been exactly where you are – Eager to learn a new skill and afraid I would mess it up! I will give you the information you need to learn a new paint skill and not be afraid of messing up.  If you are like me (a hands on learner), these workshops are perfect for you!  I often have my students tell me, ” I will never remember all the things you taught me.”  Now, you will because you will have lifetime access to these workshops.  You can hit the rewind button as many times as you need.  


I am a self-taught creative entrepreneur, with no fancy art degrees, so that makes me just like you.  I have many years of experience and mistakes.  I do not use fancy tools or really expensive products.  All my classes are down to earth so you can learn in a comfortable environment.  I love to teach others how to create the home of their dreams without the designer price tag.  


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Course graphic- how to prep furniture
FREE – How to Prep Furniture
Course graphic- strip-stain-paint-wax
Strip- Stain- Paint- Wax Furniture
Course graphic- driftwood paint technique
DriftWood Paint Technique
Course graphic- how to paint hardware
How to Paint Furniture Hardware
Course graphic- how to plaster furniture
How to Plaster Furniture
Course graphic- how to glaze
How to Glaze Furniture



Course graphic- how to lime paint
How to Lime Paint Furniture


























 With each workshop, you will receive worksheets with all the product recommendations of the products used for the technique.  You will see the workshop training completed in a video on an actual piece of furniture, not a sample board.  And you will also gain access to our Private Facebook group where you will have access to me to answer any ongoing painting questions you may have.  I also like to have students share their before and after of their furniture makeover, to serve as an inspiration to the group.

You can also check out my YouTube channel for more instructional videos! youtube

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