How to Paint Hardware

I am all about saving you money and sharing all the different ways to save you money.  Today we are going to talk about How to Paint Hardware.  

How to paint hardware- 4 techniques

If you are lucky and find old furniture pieces with their original hardware, they are always tarnished and outdated.  You can save money by using the original hardware and just painting them.  Also if you have a few of the original pieces missing you can just purchase a few new ones and paint those in the same method as the original ones and have them match.    I have created an online workshop to show you how to paint your furniture hardware, with 4 different techniques.  

Course graphic- how to paint hardware

In this workshop, you will learn 4 different techniques to finish your furniture hardware. The 4 finishes are Classic Metallic, Chalk Painted with glaze and wax, Chippy distressed, and Rub N Buff. You will learn the process involved for each finish as well as the best products to use for that finish.  You will learn all the information needed to take on your next furniture hardware makeover.  If you are a hands-on learner, like me, this course is perfect for you.  The best part about my workshops, they are self-paced, in your own home, at a time that is convenient for you and your workshop is a lifetime.  You can rewind as much as you want and watch again and again or watch it a year after the first time for refresher tips.  

Brushed Metallic Method- How to Paint Hardware- Designed Decor

The first method is a brushed metallic.  You will learn what products to use to create this classic metallic look.  

How to Paint Hardware- Chalk Painted Method- Designed Decor

The second method is using chalk paint, wax or glaze.  You will learn how to paint hardware with chalk paints and to seal with wax or glaze. 

How to Paint Hardware- Chippy Distressed Method - Designed Decor

The third method is Chippy Distressed – You will learn what products to use to create the best chippy distressed hardware and how to apply them.  

How to Paint Hardware- Run-n-Buff Method-Designed Decor

The final method is how to use Rub-n-Buff on your hardware.  I show you 2 different techniques on how to apply Rub-n-Buff to your hardware pieces.  

online furniture painting workshops

I am offering many different types of online workshops for all your furniture painting needs.   As a bonus, you will receive access to our growing private facebook community, “Paint Chat”.  This private community allows you to have access to me with your painting and product questions, find ideas and inspiration from others like you, and also share your projects with the group.  





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