Happy Thanksgiving!


Today I am Thankful!


I am blessed to have Faith, Family and Friends!


I am doubly blessed to not be working retail any longer!  I worked in retail for 22 LONG years and worked everyday after Thanksgiving!  I dreaded those early morning hours of opening at 7:00 a.m., than 6:00 a.m., than 5:00 a.m. , and then I QUIT!  Let me remind you since I was in management I had to open the store 2 hours before the store opened, which means I needed to wake up 2 hours before being to work.  I am forever grateful that I will not have to do anymore openings or opening at Midnight.

Let me tell you from a retailers prospective, the public has made this Black Friday thing get out of control.

Are you in this photo?
Source: Youtube.com

No longer can we just sit and enjoy our family, our blessings and some football on Thanksgiving Day.  Instead we are planning our time schedule for shopping.  Not this girl, I have vowed that I will NEVER go out shopping on Black Friday or Thanksgiving Day.  I will be snug in my bed with my warm jammies being Thankful for the man lying next to me.  So I am THANKFUL for all that The LORD has provided me on this day!


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