Embossed Drawer Fronts – #RoyalDesignStencils!

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I am loving how these embossed drawer fronts turned out.  I am currently working on turning a 3 drawer dresser into a wine bar and decided to use the old drawer fronts as wall decor pieces.

 Repurposed Drawer Fronts - Royal Design Stencils-

This is a great way to transform plain-looking items into something of beauty!  

Repurposed Drawer Fronts - Royal Design Stencils ~ before photo

See how plain and boring the front of these drawers are.  This is where some great stencils come in handy.  I used the Micah pattern from Royal Design Studio.  I love how this pattern fit perfectly on the drawer fronts.  

Repurposed Drawer Fronts - Royal Design Stencils- Paint Couture in Abundance

The first step was to paint the drawers in the base color.  I like to paint the drawers before you use an embossing medium.  This will guarantee that you wont have any wood showing through around your stencil pattern.  I used this fabulous paint from Paint Couture, in the color Abundance, this was a hard choice as they have so many great colors.  

Repurposed Drawer Fronts - Royal Design Stencils- Embossing Medium from Paint Couture

Find the center of your drawer and place pattern.  Make sure you properly tape down the stencil so it does not move when you are adding the embossing medium. 

Repurposed Drawer Fronts - Royal Design Stencils- applying embossing medium

I used the embossing medium from Paint Couture for this stencil project.  I started by applying a generous amount of the embossing medium with an off set knife or trowel on top of the stencil and begin to spread around over the entire pattern.  Using a very gentle hand, begin to remove and even out the medium over the pattern.  I used the knife at a slight angle and found this worked best.  You can place the extra embossing medium back in to the container.  

Repurposed Drawer Fronts - Royal Design Stencils-5 apply embossing medium evenlyOnce you have a smooth even surface, carefully remove the tape and stencil.  

Repurposed Drawer Fronts - Royal Design Stencils- embossing medium

Look how pretty it is without painting over top.  

Repurposed Drawer Fronts - Royal Design Stencils- altering the stencil pattern

For the top drawer, I had to alter the pattern to fit on the shorter front.  This was a simple process by just taping over where you don’t want any of the embossing medium to go through the stencil pattern.  This is also a great way to get different designs from the same stencil pattern.  

Repurposed Drawer Fronts - Royal Design Stencils- using only a section of the stencil

I had 2 small sections on the ends of the drawers and the center of the stencil pattern was a perfect fit for them.  I again, slightly altered the pattern to keep the embossing medium from going through the pattern.  

Repurposed Drawer Fronts - Royal Design Stencils- different options with the same pattern

Look how pretty each drawer front looks with a simple process of using a great stencil from Royal Design Studio and some embossing medium.  

Repurposed Drawer Fronts - Royal Design Stencils- Paint Couture

After the embossing medium dried for 12 hours, I applied 2 more coats of paint, an applied Van Dyke Brown glaze from Paint Couture.  This glaze just pulls out all the details from using embossing medium with the stencil.  The true beauty of the piece came out after I applied the Lacquer Couture over the entire piece.   

Repurposed Drawer Fronts - Royal Design Stencils- Wall decor

I applied some hardware pieces to the finished drawer fronts and these are now ready to make a great decorative wall piece to hang above the wine bar as soon as that is complete.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post as Royal Design Studio will be giving away a stencil to one of my readers.  You will be able to select the stencil of your choice for $50 and under with free shipping! 


Repurposed Drawer Fronts - Royal Design Stencils-15


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    • Rachel, It is so worth finding bargains and taking the time to redo them. You will love the results! You can find some really great pieces on Craigslist or in thrift stores.

  1. Wow Awesome Job… amazing that the material really makes the emboss so visible. I’m loving the results. Great tip and ideas to make on my Girl’s room!

    Love it

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