DIY Mercury Glass Ornament-Christmas Decorating on a Budget-Part 3!

This year I am making your Christmas Decorating easier by sharing my Christmas Decorating on a Budget Series.  Today I am showing you how simple it is to make your own Mercury Glass Ornaments.  

Christmas Decorating on a Budget Series -

I like to change my Christmas decor around and I find myself getting tired of colors and like to switch things around. I do have a few sentimental items that are staples in my Christmas decorating, but for the most part, I don’t hold onto items over long periods of time.  This can get costly to change-up colors every year, so I decided to share some ideas of decorating on a budget by repurposing what you have or making your own holiday decor.  This post contains some affiliate links. Click here for my full disclosure policy

DIY-Mercury-Glass-Bulb-Christmas-Ornament -pinnable

These Mercury Glass Ornaments are a simple 3 steps, you know I like simple. 


My inspiration for these mercury glass ornaments was from Pottery Barn.  I love them but did not want to pay $29.50 for just 6 ornaments.  So, of course, I made a knock-off.

DIY-Mercury Glass-Christmas Ornaments-Christmas Decorating on a budget - step 1

Step 1 is to spray a clear glass ornament {<- – – this is the exact ones I used}  with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water.  Don’t go too heavy on this part or the water just creates drip marks.  You can get 20 of them for $8.27 on Amazon.  

DIY-Mercury Glass-Christmas Ornaments-Christmas Decorating on a budget- step 2

Step 2: Spray the wet glass ornament with a coat of Rustoleum Mirror effect.    Lightly dab the wet paint with a damp cloth.  Let the ornament dry and repeat steps 1 and 2.  

DIY-Mercury-Glass-Bulb-Christmas-Ornament (3 of 9)

This is my handy system I used to make my ornaments, I used sticks.  You can poke the sticks into the ground or a potted plant.  

DIY-Mercury-Glass-Bulb-Christmas-Ornament -step 3

Step 3: Add a ribbon and hang on your  tree.  

DIY-Mercury-Glass-Bulb-Christmas-Ornament (5 of 9)

You could also stencil these with Mod Podge and Glitter, to personalize them.  These would make great gifts.  My cost for these beautiful ornaments = $.95 each, with a small amount of labor.  Pottery Barn is $4.91 each.  

Christmas Decorating on a Budget tips

Here are a few other ornaments you can make with the glass ornaments.  

DIY-Fabric Covered Christmas Ornaments-Christmas Decorating on a budget (14 of 16)

Fabric Wrapped Glass Ornaments

etched ornaments

Etched Glass Ornaments

glitter glass ornaments

Glitter Glass Ornament

Stay tuned as I will be sharing a few more posts on Christmas Decorating on a Budget.  You can also follow along if you missed the first parts:  Part 1 and Part 2.  





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