DIY Crystal Chandelier!

About 6 months ago I started to sell paint in my shop and needed a great way to display the Maison Blanche Paint in my space.  I knew I needed a light for the space so why not make my own DIY Crystal Chandelier instead of spending all that money on a display lamp.  

DIY Crystal Chandelier

I found the wire lamp shade at a flea market, I had many crystal beads from when I was on a jewelry making kick and found the large crystal pieces in an antique store.  I spent about $40 to make my own DIY crystal chandelier, this included the lamp parts and everything I needed.  

DIY Crystal Chandelier-2

I spray painted the lamp frame and lamp socket silver.  I also needed to drill holes in the top of the frame to hold my jewelry wire. 

DIY Crystal Chandelier-3

The most time-consuming part was deciding the placement of the beads and how many I needed to get the look I wanted.  

DIY Crystal Chandelier-5

Once I had all the beads strung and attached to the lamp frame, I glued on some more bling.  I used the string bling and glued that on all the metal pieces of the lamp shade frame.  

DIY Crystal Chandelier-4

Assembled the lamp kit to the lamp shade and we were ready to see if it worked.  

DIY Crystal Chandelier-pinnable


DIY Crystal Chandelier-6

Here is the DIY crystal chandelier hanging in my home.  I love how it turned out.  

DIY crystal Chandeleir- paint closet

This is the paint closet that Mr. DD helped me build.  I dream up the concept, and he helps me to make it happen!  



6 Responses to DIY Crystal Chandelier!

  1. Yeh! I have lovely crystals saved from a hall light fixture. They were going to be ornaments on my Christmas tree, but after seeing this I’m all for making a chandelier for my walk in closet. Now to find a pretty-shaped lamp frame…. Love this idea!!!

  2. I’ve been searching for a few days for a DIY light. Yours was perfect! I’m going to keep my eyes open. Now to find crystals!

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