Cut The Cord – The Cable Cord!

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Have you heard about the latest craze, called “Cut the Cord?”  This is where you decide to tell the cable company “Buh-Bye.”  What a savings we have  made by making this decision.

Antenna's Direct-Cut the Cable


The HDTV Antenna from Antenna’s Direct  is the product that has allowed us to “Cut the Cord.”

HDTV Antenna

Mr. DD started by connecting the cable to the HDTV antenna, connected the cable to the house and then he hung the HDTV antenna to the ladder to test the signal strength.  We received over 60 channels with a direct feed to the TV.  Let me say that 60 channels sounds like a lot, but some of them are the same station just in a different town.  Once we ran the cable in the house to the remaining TV’s, we discovered we needed an amplifier.  The amplifier allows  the signal to reach the TV’s in the house.  We have a 2 1/2 story home and this was much-needed to have a signal on all 4 floors.

Antenna's Direct-Cut the Cable-5

See how far up he is on the ladder?  This is the reason for needing an amplifier for our HDTV Antenna connection.  Once Mr. DD installed the amplifier, he was ready  to mount the antenna to the roof.

Antenna's Direct-Cut the Cable-10

We now will be making a few adjustments with our television viewing.  We were big fans of using the DVR so we never had to watch commercials, now we need to find something that will do this service.  We were already subscribing to Netflix, so we will be using this a lot more.  I have heard some goods things about Hulu plus, so we maybe checking into this over Netflix?  If anyone has experience with both and can give me feedback we would really appreciate the comparison.  We will be watching more shows through the internet and the computer.  I need to go and buy a cable that connects the laptop to the TV.  Our youngest son, who is the only boy left in the house has been “complaining about cutting the cord.”  He will survive and have to change his television viewing habits as the older boys did when they went off to college.   I think that this is a small sacrifice for the great savings of $1452 per year.  Thank you to Antenna’s Direct for saving our family some money!  Thank you to Antenna’s Direct for the money savings!

How about you, would you like to join the craze and “Cut the Cord?”  Please leave me your questions about switching to an HDTV antenna.  I will answer you honestly and give you good feedback if cutting the cable is for you.

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Antenna's Direct-Cut the Cable

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5 Responses to Cut The Cord – The Cable Cord!

  1. This is so awesome. We don’t really need cable except for the internet. DSL around here doesn’t even begin to compare. We love Hulu, Amazon and Netflix– that’s the majority of our viewing. I just wasn’t sure how to get the regular channels, and you can get HD that’s incredible! It irks me that our local channels are in HD and then cable strips the down. What’s that all about!

  2. We have also cut the cable cord a couple of months ago. We are saving about $76.00 a month now. We bought a sony blu-ray for about $120.00. We have the netflix and the huluplus – seem to use the netflix a lot more than hulu. Check it out before you quit using the netflix. I have 3 sons and all are doing fine without having cable – there is plenty to watch on netflix and they are now even watching some of the shows I like to watch with me. We also only have local – antenna tv on only 1 tv and netflix and hulu on 2 – we used to have cable on 3 tv’s. I think this has also made us sit together more and watch things as a family. I also use my laptop to watch something with netflix if my husband is watching something I don’t care to watch on our tv.

  3. YES…YES…YES! We cut the cord a while ago.

    It’s crazy how expensive cable is – and for what? A bunch of commercials and nothing on TV.

    We use Roku through the internet. Through that we get netflix.

    Such a savings and so worth it.

    Plus, there is a bunch of violence and other bad things on TV. We have more control over what our children are exposed to. What a relief that was!

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