Burlap Wreath

It’s Fall, which means it is time to change over my mantle.  I love this season, what isn’t there to love about it!

Burlap Wreath- How to make burlap flowers


I used the wreath base last year, on my Fall Mantle from 2012 and the fence on my Spring Mantel.

supplies needed to burlap flowers


I used burlap ribbon and fall decorative ribbon that I had on hand.  Remember, I am all about using what I own, this project cost me $0, except some time!

cutting and measuring the burlap for flowers


I started by cutting my burlap ribbon to 18 inches and I folded it in half. Some of the flowers I used the frayed ends and the others I used the smooth edge.  I used a thread a needle to weave the thread in and out of the burlap ribbon.

loose stitch on burlap


Weave in and out all the way to the end of the ribbon and leave the thread attached.  Slowly pull the ribbon down the thread until it curls, pull tightly.

clenching the burlap ribbon


While the ribbon is pulled tightly start to form your flower by gathering the end and wrapping the clenched ends over each other and hot gluing along the way to hold the burlap in place.

using hot glue to hold the flower form


Do the same with your decorative ribbon until you have enough flowers made to attach to your wreath.  I also added buttons to some of the flowers to add detail to the flowers.  I also layer a decorative ribbon with the burlap ribbon for added interest.

burlap flowers


Next, cut a long piece of decorative ribbon and begin to feed it under the branches of the wreath base.

adding decorative ribbon to a wreath


Now you are ready to hot glue the flowers onto the wreath.

fall wreath with burlap flowers


Now you are ready to decorate your mantle with your repurposed Fall Burlap Wreath.

Burlap Wreath


What is your favorite season?  Can you guess mine is fall?

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