Blog Mentoring Program – Reflection!

Hello Everyone and Happy March!  I am so excited that it is March and spring is around the corner! 

I wanted to give an update on the blog mentoring program over at One Artsy Mama.  It has been 7 weeks of a 12 week program.  Each week we are given a reading assignment and homework to complete for the week.  We have covered topics such as:  Gola setting, branding, blog design, photography, photo editing and finding your voice.  We have many more topics to cover in the up and coming weeks. 


It is great being  involved with this blog mentoring program.  Amy has been a great mentor through the entire process and I have made new friends with the other bloggers  in the blog mentoring program.  All the bloggers have given each other advice and encouragement along the way.  My favorite weeks so far in the program has been the goal setting and the finding your voice.  I am looking forward to the advertising and sponsor part of the program, since I will adding sponsors to my blog in the very near future. 

I am sure I will be giving you a last update at the end of the blog mentoring program.   I am looking forward to the great places and the great people who I will see and meet through my blog. 


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2 Responses to Blog Mentoring Program – Reflection!

  1. I am reading a few books right now to give me a better idea of where and how I want to focus my blog since I am just starting out with it. I am amazed at the amount of information available! Nice to know I am not the only one out there “just learning” 🙂 Check me out @ when you have time. Thanks:)

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