Bistro Table Makeover!

I love finding the ordinary items and turning them into fun, like this Bistro Table.  Metal Bistro Table-Makeover

I saved the chairs from my neighbors trash and was in search of the perfect table to go with the chairs. I found the table about 8 months after rescuing and making over the chairs.  

Metal Bistro Table

The table was in good shape, so a little sanding and rust removal and she was ready to be painted.  

Spray Painting a Metal Bistro Table-

This is my creative way of spray painting things that are round or have moving parts. This way I can spray all sides without having to flip or hold it!  

Metal Bistro Table-Stop over to the read “How to paint rusted metal chairs” to see where I received the fabric from and tips on how to remove the rust from metal chairs and a bistro table.   

Metal Bistro Table-Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover

I decided to paint the legs 2 different colors to make the table fun.  I used Rustoleum’s 2X Ultra cover in a satin finish in colors Aqua and Eden.  The bistro table and chairs were painted in Rustoluem Stain enamel spray in Indigo.  

Metal Bistro Table Set

I think the table turned out to be a great pop of color for any porch setting.  


Metal Bistro Table-5


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