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6 Perfect Gifts for a Tea Lover!

6 Perfect Gifts for a Tea Lover!

Do you have a “hard to buy” person on your shopping list?    You know the one, the one that already has everything they need.  Have you spent endless hours hurting your gift giving brian for ideas and come up empty-handed?.  Do you want to give this person something special and not just another gift card?  Is… Continue Reading

Reindeer Dust - A Family Tradition!

Reindeer Dust Holiday Craft

I decided to share a fun family craft project that all can do even if you don’t have kids.  This craft project makes great gifts for school parties or gifts for the little ones in your family, neighborhood kids or friends kids.  One of our fun family traditions that I started with my boys when they were… Continue Reading

The Free Desk That Keeps on Giving

Repurposed Desk Serving Tray

Have you ever been given something for free and you really did not want to have the item?  You felt that you should just take the item and deal with it later.  I had this happen to me several times but let me tell you about my free desk and how it keeps on giving!  … Continue Reading