Aluminum Foil Desk!

I always wait for a piece of furniture to speak to me before I decide how I am going to finish the piece.  This Aluminum Foil Desk said that it wanted a modern flair with a touch of masculine.  

Aluminum Foil Accented Desk -

Yes, I stand back and stare at the furniture and wait for something creative to pop out.  Doesn’t everyone wait for their furniture to talk to them?  

Before picture of desk

When I first saw this piece, it had a masculine  vibe and I knew I was painting it black.  I wanted to give it an industrial twist to it and that is when I decided to try the aluminum foil technique.  I had seen so many pieces on-line that had the silver leaf added to it, but I decided to use what I had on hand in my kitchen cupboard.  

Using aluminum foil and Wunda Size

I started by using a sheet of aluminum foil that was the length of the drawer insert and cut it in half.  

Slightly crinkle foil before applying to drawers

I slightly crumpled up the foil so that it would not be smooth on the inset.  

Apply Wunda size and let set for 15 minutes

I applied Wunda Size on the drawer inserts, let the Wunda size sit for 15 minutes then place the foil over top.  

Adhere foil to drawer front

I used a chip brush to smooth out the foil and to make sure it was firmly attached to the drawer fronts.  

Carefully trim foil with a straight edge cutting tool.

Carefully trim the edges of the foil and your piece is ready for a top coat.  I used my favorite sealer Polycrylic from Minwax.  

Black Desk with Aluminum Foil Drawers

I used a sliver glaze for the inset circles and the rope piping on the top edge, this gave the desk some additional silver color.

How to spray paint hardware

I try to find creative ways to spray paint the hardware.  Since the drawer pulls had a movable ring, I decided it would be easier to hand them and spray paint them upside down instead of moving the ring back and forth between coats.  This saved me time since I was able to get the edges and not have to move the ring.  

Aluminum Foil Desk

I upholstered the chair with a fun wave pattern.  The chair had about 4 layers of old nasty fabric on it.  I stripped it down to the base and purchase new padding along with the fabric.  

Black Pearl painted desk

I love the shimmer of the Black Pearl paint by Modern Masters Metallic Paint collection.  This paint glides on like silk and looks perfect!  This desk sold within a week of being at the shop, so I am thinking it was a winning combination.  I can’t wait to do another aluminum foil furniture piece.  


Aluminum Foil Desk - pinnable

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26 Responses to Aluminum Foil Desk!

  1. Hi!
    This is stunning! Such a wonderful mix of materials and colors!! Love it! I have a few questions about the use of the tin foil. First, I can’t read the box, but did you use heavy duty or just regular foil and which way did you apply the tin foil? Shiny or dull side up? Now that it has been awhile since you finished this project have you found that the foil easily scratches or does the product Polycrylic from Minwax solve that problem? Again, great job! Im inspired by your creativity and can’t wait to find a piece to work on!!

    • Hi Cynthia, I used the regular foil but you could use either. I had the dull side facing up but you can also use either side. I repurpose furniture and sell them at a local store, so this desk went to someone else, so i can’t answer the question on scratches. I did use 2 coats of the polycrylic so I am sure it has held up to everyday wear and tear. I love to help people become inspired because we all need a little encouragement now and again! Good luck on your piece and let me see it when you are done, I would love to share it with my readers.

  2. I love this! What is the silver on the sides of the desk and how did you do it? This would look great in my sons room.

    • Kristy, I am not sure what you mean by the silver on the sides of the desk? I only have silver of the front of the drawers and you can read how I did that part in the blog post. Let me know and I can answer your question!

  3. I never would have thought of doing this! My daughter’s room is being painted in light pink and black and this may make a perfect accent. Thanks for the great idea!

  4. DeDe,
    I am wanting to know what is “Wunda Size”?
    Never heard of it ….. And where can you purchase it…
    Great piece ….. Love it…..
    Chris Baehr

  5. That is an aluminum foil success! My aluminum foil addition was a crafting fail, I like your vision better. And you have a great eye for unique photo angles, love that last shot through the chair back!

  6. DeDe, this desk is gorgeous! Love the foil look, it’s so sophisticated. I so wish we were neighbors so I could learn a bit from you about saving furniture.

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