Accent Cabinet

I received this accent cabinet from my neighbor, thanks Telma!  They had moved and this piece she left behind, she called me up to come over and take a look and see if I could use it to paint and sell in my shop.  Well, yes I’ll take it, free and it has potential!

Accent Cabinet- bar cabinet

I love the simplicity of the arches and how much they add to the cabinet now that they have a different color of paint.   

Accent Cabinet - before photo

This piece was an orange-red and had a high gloss shine on it.  I sanded the entire cabinet down before I applied my homemade chalk paint.  I forgot to take a picture before I sanded her down.  

Accent Cabinet- distressed detials

I stressed this piece because I loved the color combination of the blue and red colors together.  

Accent Cabinet- wine cabinet

The inside of the cabinet was the red color, which makes this piece stand out.  I think I can turn anything into a bar.  I can see this pieces filled with glasses and a great assortment of alcohol.  They only thing it would need is a basket to hold all the small bar pieces.  

Accent Cabinet- wine bar

I love when pieces of furniture are in great shape and don’t need glued, sanded and put back together.  


Accent Cabinet-3

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