6 Perfect Gifts for a Tea Lover!

Do you have a “hard to buy” person on your shopping list?    You know the one, the one that already has everything they need.  Have you spent endless hours hurting your gift giving brian for ideas and come up empty-handed?.  Do you want to give this person something special and not just another gift card?  Is this person a tea lover?  If they are, you are in luck, I have listed the perfect gifts for a tea lover! 


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I am a tea lover so it’s best to take advice from someone who loves tea.  I also want to add that I am very picky about my tea and the items I use, so you can say I am one of those hard to buy for people! 

First on the list is an electric water boiler and heater.  You need hot water to make a great tea, so might as well make it easy to have hot water.  I have people in my family that use one of these for their pressed coffee so this can be a great family gift for a coffee drinker as well as a tea drinker and for the kiddos hot chocolate.  


I don’t own one of these tea mug infusers and now I am wishing I had one.  Place the hot water in the mug, add loose leaf tea to the infuser and drop in hot water.  Let the tea seep with the lid on for 5 minutes you have a perfectly brewed hot tea.  What a great idea and the perfect gift for a tea lover.  

I do own an electric milk frother set.  I love to have hot frothed milk in my chai tea.  I know not all tea lovers like cream, but this is great for those like me that like a creamy tea.  

I didn’t know I needed small glass containers until I started using loose leaf teas.  Most loose leaf tea comes in sealable bags and I am discovering how hard some of those bags are to open.  I prefer to keep my tea in a jar to make it easier to open each morning.  You can easily print and make cute labels for each can. 

These small stirring spoons are perfect to have sitting on your tea bar.  I  own these spoons and use them every day when making my cup of tea.  I store them in a clear 

I store them in a clear mug sitting on the coffee/tea bar.  

Last but certainly not least on the list is a great loose leaf tea.  I discovered this great local tea company near my neighborhood, called Ohio Tea Company.  The best part is they have a decent selection of organic decaf teas.  Trying to find organic and decaf is like a needle in a haystack.  The great thing is, you can order their tea online and have it shipped.  

Are you a tea drinker?  What are your favorite items you use for making tea? 

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